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What is the best broadband package in Roxburgh Park, VIC or around Melbourne North West?

If you are looking to change your broadband provider or you just moved in Roxburgh Park and you want a good and reliable broadband plan, it's always a good ideea to ask the locals which broadband providers are available in Roxburgh Park. Some providers might be available in most of the Melbourne North West, but not in Roxburgh Park.
It is also wise to see how far you are from the Roxburgh Park telephone exchange. There can be multiple exchanges in Victoria. » More about how to find the best broadband plan in Roxburgh Park

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Mobile broadband dongle

Mobile Broadband 1GB Data Plan

Mobile broadband dongle

Speedster 1GB Plan

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Mobile Broadband 2.5GB Data Plan

Mobile broadband dongle

Speedster 2GB Plan

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Mobile Broadband 4GB Data Plan

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ADSL2+ Starter Plan

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Unlimited ADSL2+ – 18 Months Contract

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Speedster 6GB Plan

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ADSL2+ Family Plan

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Unlimited ADSL2+ – Month to Month Contract

Wireless router

NakedDSL Starter Plus Plan

Wireless router

ADSL2+ Kahuna Plan

Wireless router

NakedDSL Family Plan

Wireless router

Unlimited ADSL2+ and HomePhone

Wireless router

NakedDSL No Worries Unlimited Plan

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ADSL2+ No Worries Unlimited Data Plan

Mobile broadband dongle

Mobile Broadband 10GB Data Plan

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How to find the best broadband plan in Roxburgh Park, VIC or nearby Melbourne North West

In these days it is harder and harder to keep up with things that surround us without using the internet. Having a good broadband plan can make the difference between a good online experience and a bad one.

When comparing broadband plans in Roxburgh Park you need to take in consideration what type of broadband you need, how much traffic you will use each month and the length of the contract. If you are not planning to stay in Roxburgh Park for a longer period of time, a 12 or 24 months internet contract will not be in your benefit. Closing a contract for internet connection can bring some extra benefits. Some broadband providers that offer broadband deals in Melbourne North West area can include in their package a free wireless router or even vouchers you can spend online.

What is the broadband speed in Roxburgh Park, VIC?

When it comes to fast you can surf the internet in Roxburgh Park, the broadband speed can vary. There are multiple factors that can affect the internet speed in Melbourne North West area or in the entire Victoria. Here are the main ones:

  • how many telephone exchanges are in Roxburgh Park and how far is the nearest one to your home
  • the broadband/telephone infrastructure in Roxburgh Park comparing to other places in Hume

The figures from the most recent Akamai State of the Internet report shows that Australia has recorded an average broadband speed of 4.4Mbps for the third quarter of 2012, exceeding the global average speed by 1.4Mbps.

Is there any fibre optic broadband in Roxburgh Park, VIC?

For those heavy internet users in Melbourne North West and for those that need high speed internet connection in Roxburgh Park, there are some great news. The National Broadband Network will provide high-speed broadband access to all Australian homes and businesses through a mix of three technologies: optic fibre, fixed wireless and next-generation satellite.

The Victoria high speed fibre optic broadband infrastructure will be developed soon. The fibre to the premises (FTTP) rollout is planned to reach approximately 93 percent of the population by June 2021. As of September 2012, construction of the network has commenced and 24,000 customer services are active. The network will gradually replace the copper network in Roxburgh Park which is owned by Telstra and currently used for most telephony and data services across Melbourne North West. As part of an agreement with NBN Co, Telstra will move its Victoria customers to the NBN, and lease access to its exchange space and extensive network ducting to assist in the rollout. A similar agreement with Optus is in place.

You can find out more about Victoria on Wikipedia

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